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USTOMED - Instrumente medicale

Prof. Dr. Manfred Lang, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Prof. Dr. Manfred Lang

IFZI GmbH, Nürnberg, Germany

The four pillars of success in oral implantology

"Implant surgical training will in future not take place on the patient, but on a phantom, comparable to pilot-training on a flight simulator" - Prof. (NY) Manfred Lang, Nürnberg.

Abstract: - Operating as on a patient
The complete implant procedure using the artificial patient is carried out under surgical conditions. This enables a realistic course of treatment and makes it possible to train all operations techniques before application on patients. The supervisor makes sure that the operating surgeon, dependent upon implantation region, takes the ideal seating position, and that the "patient" is correspondingly positioned. In a group of three and a supervisor per phantom patient, participants switch positions from assistant to operator. This permits viewing from different positions - helpful when writing one’s own implant notes.


  • Studied dentistry in Munich and Erlangen
  • Active in implantology since 1972
  • Diplomatic Status of ICOI
  • Past-President of DGZI
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Implant Dentistry New York University (1997 to 2007)
  • Inventor of the SKY implant system
  • Own patents in the implantology sector
  • Developers of practical training on artificial patients in implant surgery and - Prosthetic ("The implantation simulator")
  • Director of the International Training Centre of Dental Implantology (IFZI)
  • Numerous publications in specialist journals for Implantology
  • Speaker at home and abroad
  • Textbook author
  • Private Practice Dental Implantology

Dr. Burzin Khan, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Burzin Khan, MDS

Prosthodontist & Implantologist, Opus Dental Specialities, Mumbai, India

"SKY is The Limit" Versatile Treatment Options for Restoring Edentulous Spaces

Abstract: Restoring the partial as well as completely edentulous mouth is always posed with different surgical & prosthetic challenges that require a variety of innovations for the clinician and technician to ensure a successful outcome of the treatment. This presentation will review different treatment options for compromised anatomical situations as well as discuss available prosthetic components for treating Routine and Challenging Situations with adequate ease. Important considerations for tissue preservation and immediate provisionals in the anterior aesthetic zone. Success is therefore a result of combination of surgical skills with prosthetic versatility to adapt to any given situation.

Biography: Completed Master’s Degree in Prosthetic Dentistry from the Government Dental College & Hospital - Mumbai. University in the year 1990. Maintains a clinical practice in Mumbai, for over 20 years, with special attention to Prosthetics, Cosmetics & Implant Restorations. Undergone specialized training in Implantology in Germany & Holland, and Digital Smile Designs in Italy. Specializes in Aesthetic Treatments for Smile Designs with Veneers, Bleaching, All Ceramic Crowns & Bridges and Full Mouth Reconstructions. He is a Diplomate of ‘The International Congress of Oral Implantologist’ and a founder member & Past President of the Indian Academy of Osseointegration. He is the country Opinion Leader for Bredent medical Gmbh, Germany and also a Key Opinion Leader for 3M ESPE in India and is actively involved in conducting Continuing Dental Education courses and training workshops in India. He is a faculty member for Smile Care Centre for continuing dental education research & consultancy in affiliation with, New York University. Has been a Reviewer of articles for the Editorial board of the Journal of the Indian Prosthodontic Society and has to his credit several Papers Presentations and Publications at various conferences in India and Overseas. He is a Consultant with Stemade Biotech, a Dental Stem Cell Banking company in India and also a Dental Consultant with, a medical/dental travel & remote consulting agency. He is a Dental Consultant with the UAE, Bahrain, & Kuwait Consulates in Mumbai and a Honarary Dental Consultant at the B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital Mumbai.

Dr. Med. Dent. Alexandros Manolakis, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Med. Dent. Alexandros Manolakis

Private Dental Clinic, Thessaloniki, Greece

Immediate implant placement and loading. From single-implant to the edentulous jaw

Abstract: In today’s fast paced society patients as well as dentists wish shorter treatment times. On the other hand accelerated treatment in implantology is associated with higher risk for failure.
This presentation demonstrates the key points in diagnosis, surgery and prosthetic phase that allow for a safe immediate implant placement and loading. The following questions will be answered.

  • When can we perform immediate implant placement after tooth extraction? Benefits & risks.
  • When can we load an implant immediately?
  • Which factors influence the survival and success of immediate implants?
  • How can modern technology assist us?

Biography: Dr. Alexandros Manolakis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. After graduating from the University of Freiburg in Germany in 2002, he received his Dr. Med. Dent. degree from the University of Göttingen in Germany in 2003. He was a visiting associate professor in the department of Periodontology in the University of Freiburg until 2004. After attending military service in Greece as a dentist, he maintains since 2006 a private practice specializing dental implants together with his brother, Kleanthis Manolakis, in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Dr. Alexandros Manolakis is coauthor of a German Periodontology Textbook (Praxis der Zahnheilkunde, Parodontologie, 4th Ed; Elsevier, 2005), has published articles in dental journals and held presentations in various international congresses. He is an official teaching mentor for different dental implant systems in Greece and Germany and he is giving lectures as well as hands-on courses with live-surgeries in implantology, soft-tissue-management and bone-management. Areas of special interest include Periodontal Micro-Surgery, Computer-Guided Implant Placement and Immediate Loading of Implants placed in the Edentulous Jaw.
He is an affiliate member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED).

Dr. Florian Obădan, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Florian Obădan

Managing Director bredent-medical Romania

Soft bite materials - The key for success in immediate loading

Abstract: Dental implants are part of the revolution in dentistry, together with the introduction of new materials and technology. The interface between the biological organism and the piece of technology created by humans has been the topic of numerous researches and clinical studies. Today we have standardized that a movement of the implant in the bone has to be in range of Armstrong if we want to classify as success the piece of titanium we are calling today “the implant”. Still, we have tried to copy the nature in so many fields so far, and we have noticed that our incapability to copy one to one the nature is giving us most of our problems. The presentations speaks and depict a way in which we can replace the absence of the dental ligaments, which usually are taking over the overload on the teeth. By using new materials, sometimes not conventional ones, we can think different and obtain better stability of the treatment with dental implants.

Biography: Born on 25th of November 1974 in Romania, he graduated the Dental University in 2001 at UMF Craiova and since then he is working in his own dental practice as a dentist. From 2006 he has done more than 6000 implants in his practice, but also in many collaborations with dental clinics in Romania and abroad.

2007 - 2008 - Nürnberg courses IFZI, Prof. Lang
2007 - present Referent doctor for SKY Implant System, bredent medical Germany
2007 - "Concepts and strategies in Oral Implantology", Bucharest, Romania
2008 - Certified trainer SKY Implant System
2008 - International SKY Meeting in Rome, Italy
2009 - Competence in Oral Implantology, UMF Carol Davila, Bucharest
2010 - "Building the pyramid of success" - International SKY Meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
2010 - Master RPSI (Prosthetic Restorations Implant Supported), UMF Craiova
2011 - in the frame of the 18th Congress of the Indian Society of oral Implantology, he presented his work "Functional and aesthetic considerations on immediate loaded implants”, and conducted the “SKY fast & fixed workshop" in Hyderabad, India
2012 - "SKY fast & fixed in the maxilla – optimized abutment distance" the SKY Meeting in Munich, Germany - poster presentation
2013 - "Implant design and material considerations for immediate loading", and the workshop "SKY fast & fixed System" at Octaplant, Mumbai

From 2009 he is improving his technique performance in immediate loading concept having hundreds of cases of SKY fast & fixed. His practice is oriented on implantology. He performs Live-ops and conducts workshops for immediate loading techniques in several Universities in Romania, like in Iasi, University Apollonia, UMF Craiova and abroad and helping many colleagues to offer to their patients more than a mobile prosthesis.

Dr. Med. Dent. Christian Dan Pascu, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Med. Dent. Christian Dan Pascu

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Immediate - load implants and restorations. Faster and even Fixer!

Abstract Conventional methods in the implantological therapy lead to time- and cost- intensive treatments. Thanks to angular placed implants in the posterior area the local bone can be used without augmentation.
This technique is known since the 1990s and was developed further until the present.
The company bredent medical illuminated this subject not only from the surgical but also from the dental technology point of view. 
It seems that the fast and fixed concept is the most sophisticated system these days.

2000 – 2005 - Dental medical school in Giessen 
2004 - Clerkship at the Hospital for children in Lima, Peru
2006 - Further education to an oral surgeon in an office for Oral and maxillofacial surgery in Hamburg
2007 – 2009 - Practice for Implantology und general dentistry in Cologne
2009 – 2011 - General dentist in the Kaiserberg Klinik
2011 – 2014 - Own practice together with Dr. Meissen in Duisburg
2011 - Speaker for Nobel Biocare; Speaker for Clinical House Dental
2010 - Curriculum Implantology of the DGZI; Achievement "Field of Activity Implantology"
2012 - International Expert in Oral Implantology (GBOI)
2014 - New own practice "Discover White" together with Dr. Mintcheva in Düseldorf

Dr. Tatiana Tasseva, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Tatiana Tasseva

Dental Surgeon, MASTER DENT - Sofia, Bulgaria

Tilted Implants

Abstract: The words "angled" or "tilted" are used commonly, but not without debate. This is not a new controversy, and one that often casts question marks. This presentation will examine the concept, where angled or tilted implants can be implemented, and why the idea has led to concerns.
As implant dentistry becomes more predictable, paradigms begin to change relative to restorative dentistry. The decision to treat a tooth may be considered from the perspectives of endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, and prosthetics. The decision is also influenced by cost and longevity.

Biography: Dr. Tatiana Tasseva graduated in 1996 from the Dental School of the Medical Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria with speciality Stomatology. She is a certified dentist, active member of AACD since 2004, AAID since 2010 and DSD professional since 2015. 
Dr. Tasseva is a founder of Master Dent dental offices in Sofia dedicated to the principles of the implant, cosmetic, aesthetic and periodontal dentistry and received the Dentist of the Year Award in 2006 presented by the Association of Bulgarian Dentists. Expert in the field of Periodontology, Aesthetic, Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Med. Dent. Dr. Giovanni Ghirlanda, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Giovanni Ghirlanda, DDS


Success in immediate loading approach in aesthetic areas. Strategies and new materials

Abstract: The treatment of aesthetic areas always represents a challenging moment for the dentist. The SAC classification, published in 1999 by the Swiss Academy of Implantology, gave a ranking of, at least, advanced case to the implantology approach in the anterior sites.
Many variables are involved in gaining aesthetical and functional success in implant therapy of these regions. Moreover, the aesthetical result is a major concern for the patient who desires to get a solution as fast and reliable as possible. In order to satisfy the needing of the patient, during the last 15 years, immediate implant loading approach has been proposed for the full arch cases, at the beginning, and then also for single and partial implant rehabilitation, even in anterior sites. The clinical evidence derived from case series and randomized clinical studies, during these years, haven’t demonstrated significant differences in the success rate comparing conventional versus immediate loading approach. Conversely, controversial data has been published regarding the aesthetical outcomes in the immediate loading approach, focused specifically on the soft tissue architecture maintenance over the years.
For these reason, an immediate loading in aesthetic areas is still not recommended by several clinicians especially in highly demanding patient. The lecture will be focused on discussing all the variables related with immediate loading treatment in aesthetic sites, illustrating which strategies could be adopted to reduce the time and to get a successful outcome of the therapy.

Biography: Graduated at the University of Rome, he worked in the Periodontology Dept. and then he was Adjunct Professor in the Histology Dept. of the same University. He focused his topics on immediate loading, aesthetic implantology and soft tissue management. Since 2006 he cooperates with Bredent developing the immediate loading treatment approach. Active member of the Italian Society of Osteointegration (SIO). Master in Implantology Universidad de La Murcia, Spain. Visiting Professor near Univesidad Catolica San Antonio de la Murcia, Spain. Lecturer in Italian and International Congress and author of articles in international literature. He works in Rome with practice limited to Implantology and Periodontology.

Dr. Raluca Rosca, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Raluca Roșca

maxillo-facial surgeon, implantologist, Bucharest, Romania

Rehabilitation of severe maxillary atrophy using zygomatic implants and the SKY fast & fixed protocol

Abstract: The zygomatic implants are long implants inserted from the palate, through the maxillary sinus and into the underside of the cheekbone (zygomatic bone).The main indication for the zygomatic implant is: posterior maxillary support in patients who are completely edentulous with severe posterior alveolar ridge resorbtion and significant sinus pneumatization. In the most common indication, the zygoma implants are combined with two to four anterior maxillary axial implants.The surgical protocol for zygomatic implants allows a graftless approach, a single surgical procedure and immediate loading. These advantages result in an increased rate of patient acceptance of the proposed treatment.
The presentation is based on a case of a young patient with total maxillary edentulism rehabilitated with zygomatic and standard implants.


  • Born in Bucharest, Romania on the 28th of May, 1981
  • Graduated in 2005 from The Faculty of Dentistry, “Carol Davila” University Of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest with Honorary recognition as Valedictorian of class 2005
  • Graduated in 2009 from the Faculty of General Medicine, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest
  • 2006-2010 - Oral and maxillo-facial post graduate studies (residency), Faculty of Dentistry, “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest
  • During the last 10 years, she worked in her own dental practice and collaborated as an oro-maxillo-facial surgeon/implantologist with more than 20 dental clinics from Bucharest and other Romanian towns. In these clinics she operated a wide range of patients, cases that concerned implantology, oral and maxillo-facial surgery, periodontology:
  • Total or partial edentulism, immediate or delayed loading, immediate fixed total rehabilitation - SKY fast & fixed;
  • Cases with severe bone resorption rehabilitated with zygomatic implants alone or combined with conventional implants;
  • Different techniques of bone augmentations - autologous bone blocks, particulate grafts and membranes fixed with pins, miniscrews, sinus lift;
  • Gingival grafts, connective tissue grafts;
  • Removal of bone cysts, benign tumors of the soft oral tissues, extraction of impacted teeth, excision of small skin tumors, cosmetic surgery - lip augmentation, wrinkle reduction.
  • Attented various national and international courses and congresses concerning implantology and maxillo-facial surgery.

Prof. Dr. Aslan Y. Gokbuget, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Prof. Dr. Aslan Y. Gokbuget

PGGdental Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

From single tooth to full mouth immediate implantations. Where are we now?


Today, the objective of dentistry is not only to eliminate the disease but also improve the patient’s esthetics and function. The success and predictability of dental implants have change the philosophy and practice of dentistry during the last two decade. A lot of new technologies and technics have been used in order to improve implant success and predictability ie CT, Computer aided guides, surgical tools immediate loading etc.

The concept of İmmediate implants and loading is anything but recent. Patients receiving implants today are often unaware of the original loading protocols of 3 to 6 months of load-free healing prior to restorative therapy. Often, when patients require extraction of an anterior tooth, they do not accept even the shortest period of partial edentulism. Traditionally, these situations were addressed with either removable or provisional restorations.

In recent years, the option of immediate placement performed in conjunction with temporization has become popular. Lots of factors are effecting the success and predictability of immediate implantation. These factors will be discuss with the cases during the presentation.

Learning objectives:

  • Scientific background of immediate dental Implants,
  • Why treatment planning is so important,
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of Immediate Implants,
  • Go true the clinical cases and understand how we apply these factors into the clinical practice.


He was born 1957 Adana, TURKEY. He qualified as a dentist (DDS) 1982. Same year he attended as an assistant Professor at Istanbul University Dental School department of Periodontology. He’s received his PhD degree at same University 1989

  • Associated Professor Year 1993
  • Full Professor Year 1999
  • Retired from the University April 2013
  • Since 1993 he is doing implants and giving lectures
  • Meffert implant Institute educator since 2004
  • Prof. Gökbuget lectures and leads seminars on Periodontology and conducts courses on practical and advanced Implantology and Dental Lasers
  • 1995-96 visiting professor at Eastman Dental Institute Oral Med. Department, London
  • He has a private Clinic with two partners (Prosthodontis & Orthodontist) named pggdent at Istanbul

Main İnterest:

  • Periodontology
  • İmplantology
  • Bone grafts and bone surgery
  • Mucogingival surgery
  • Sistemic diseases and dentistry
  • Dental Lasers

Prof. Gökbuget is an active member in numerous International societies such as:

  • AAP (American Academy of Periodontology)
  • ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologyst) (Diplomat)
  • IAP (International Academy of Periodontology)
  • CAIA (Computer Aided Implant Academy) (active member)

Prof. Dr. Hakan Özyuvacı, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Prof. Dr. Hakan Özyuvacı

Dental Forum Istanbul, Turkey

Advanced Surgery in Oral Implantology: necessary or not?

Abstract: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” This quote belongs to one of the most brilliant and complex minds of all times: Leonardo da Vinci. Yet, it’s very true because the more the procedures become complex, the more the complications occurs after. Implantology is the most developing and promising field of dentistry with high success rates and good long-term results. Contemporarily, many different case types can be treated by implant dentistry safely and successfully. However not so far, just a few years ago performing fully functional and esthetic implant supported prosthetic restorations were a challenging issue. The aim was to get close to the “natural” in both ways, but in some complicated cases that couldn’t be possible. Acceptable wasn’t enough so that materials and techniques have been developing since then on the road to reaching perfection. In cases which implant procedure cannot be performed directly, additional surgical techniques may be necessary sometimes as autogeneous bone grafting, sinus floor elevations, etc. These techniques are well evaluated and gives really successful results but there are some disadvantages like prolonged treatment time, increased risk of complications due to additional surgical procedures. Another alternative “SKY fast and fix” is possible in the last few years that can be applied in some cases which needs advanced surgical procedure, solves these cases by simple implantology and overdentures can be prepared immediately. Six implants on the upper jaw usually eliminates the chance of sinus lifting procedure, else, four implants on the lower jaw avoids autogeneous bone grafting of the posterior mandible. This fast and simple solution causes patients to gain months of surgical and prosthetic procedures’ torture and gives really satisfactory results. It is a well-known truth: The way that goes to the best treatment passes through the most delicate planning. In this briefing, all points of “SKY fast and fix technique” will be evaluated from planning to prosthetic outcomes and all advantages and indications will be considered detail fully.


  • 1964 - Born in Istanbul
  • 1982 - Graduated from Etiler High School
  • 1982 - 1987 - Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry
  • 1987 - 1992 - Assistantship at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department
  • 1992 - Finished Ph. D program (Experimental Analysis of Biomechanic and Histological Changes of Bone Structure Following Hydroxyapatite Placement)
  • 1996 - Assumed Assistant Professor title
  • 2006 - Assumed Professor title
  • He’s the editor of Teamwork Turkey and Dental Dialog Magazines.
  • He has published over seventy research papers in national and international journals. He has attended several international conferences and workshops to deliver his research findings and he has been invited educator for several training programs.
  • He’s the delegate of Turkey of BDIZ-EDI (Bundesverband der implantologisch tatigen Zahnarzte in Europe) since 2008.
  • He carries on his academic career as a professor at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department and he is also working at Dental Forum Istanbul Oral Surgery and Implantology Clinic which he founded at 2006.


  • Turkish Dental Association
  • Turkish Society of Oral Implantology
  • Turkish Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Turkish Society of Endodontics
  • Turkish Academy of Osseointegration

Dr Laurentiu Iulian Florica, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr Laurențiu Iulian Florică

Bucharest, Romania

Zirconia - frameworks and implants

Abstract: The esthetic rehabilitation of total or partial jaws is the most important request of our patients and, implicitly, the first goal (objective) of prosthetic treatment on teeth and implants. Outstanding results, with a higher prognostic in time are obtained with ceramic restauration on zirconia framework. Zirconia restorations and zirconia implants are recommended due to their esthetic features, low specific weight, high corrosion and abrasion resistance and high biocompatibility. They do not release toxic ions, such as Ni, Cr, V, Al, Co. They are very friendly with the gums and they can be very easily cleaned. All these advantages determine patients to accept and to demand this kind of treatment.

My presentation is based on clinical cases - total and partial edentulous - with esthetic prosthetic restorations on teeth and implants, with titanium and zirconia implants or on zirconia customized abutments.


  • 1967 - Born in Bucharest Romania
  • 1993 - Graduated "The Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila University" - Faculty of Dentistry, Bucharest
  • 1994 - 1995 Worked As an intern for the "Prof. Dr. Dan Theodorescu University Hospital" Bucharest
  • 1996 - Started work in his own private clinic
  • 2003 - Became specialist in general dentistry
  • 2007 - Started his activities in the field of implantology

Dr. Tijana Misic, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tijana Mišić

Belgrade, Serbia

How to optimize implant stability in low-density bone?

Abstract: Sufficient primary implant stability is a critical factor for osseointegration, time of implant loading and treatment outcome. Low-density bone with its thin trabeculae and wide intertrabecular spaces offers loose anchorage for dental implants. This bone type is usually present in posterior maxilla, which is an anatomical region with the greatest implant failure rate.

In order to optimize implant stability in low-density bone, several therapeutic approaches have been proposed including adopted implant macro design and modified surgical technique. Lateral condensation technique involves combined preparation of implant site using drills and series of condensers with increasing diameter that compress trabeculae laterally and apically. This changes in the micromorphology of the peri-implant trabecular bone provide greater implant stability. New implant macro design comprising conical implants with self-tapping threads and reduced thread pitch has increased predictibility of implant treatment even in such challenging indications.

This presentation demonstrates results of the randomized clinical study performed to investigate the relationship between surgical technique and implant macro-design on implant stability in the low-density bone of the posterior maxilla.



  • School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, DDS, 2007
  • School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, PhD 2012
  • School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, Oral surgery and Dental
  • Implantology Residency 2013 - in progress


  • School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, 2007-2008


  • "Das LIFECORE PRIMA Implantat system", Budva, Montenegro, 2007
  • "The new Straumann Bone Level Implant", Belgrade, Serbia, 2009
  • "Augmentation procedures in dental implantology", Belgrade, Serbia, 2010
  • "Straumann Basic Implant Course-Surgery & Prosthetics", Belgrade, Serbia, 2013


  • Ministry of Science Serbia, 2008-2010

Membership in scientific and professional organizations:

  • International Team for Implantology (ITI)
  • Serbian Medical Society

Scientific projects:

  • "Periodontal medicine, the application of the concept of active regeneration in periodontology and implant dentistry", School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, 2008-2009
  • "Biological basis of oral-surgical therapeutic procedures", School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, 2009-2010
  • "An interaction of etiopathogenic mechanisms in periodontal disease and periimplantitis with contemporary systemic diseases", School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, 2011- in progress

Ongoing research work keywords:

  • Surgical techniques in implant dentistry and oral surgery; dental implant surfaces; thermography in implant dentistry and oral surgery; bone augmentation procedures in implant dentistry.

MDT Jorg Lermer, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

MDT Jörg Lermer

Landsberg am Lech, Germany

Possibilities in implant prosthetics with the SKY Implants Systems

Abstract: An osseointegrated implant with screwed abutment is not comparable to a natural tooth. Therefore restorations on implants require a differentiated approach.

  • Chipping - what can I do?
  • Is there an alternative to titanium and zirconium abutments?
  • Screwed or glued - which compromise is the better one?
  • When ball anchor when locator - and there are alternatives?

Biography: Jörg Lermer was born in 1960

  • 1985 - Successfully completed a 3-year education as dental technician
  • 1991 - Manager of a major dental laboratory in Munich, first experience in Implantology
  • 1998 - Start of the close cooperation with the dental practise of Dr. Bayer and Drs. Kistler in Landsberg
  • 2003 - Manager of the dental laboratory "Impladental" working exclusively for the Praxis Dr. Bayer & Drs. Kistler

Membership in scientific and professional organizations:

  • DGOI member
  • Course instructor for sundry companies
  • Start as course instructor international
  • Active member ProFor group bredent
  • Book of immediate restorations with a reduced number of implants

MDT Stephan Adler, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

DT Stephan Adler

Landsberg am Lech, Germany

The production of large and passive fit implant supported structures with predictable results

Abstract: The fabrication of a fixed bridge within a short time is a challenge for all dental technicians which can be met by standardization and the use of modern materials and techniques. A standard routine can be obtained after a limited number of restorations, which also provides room for details.

Biography: It was born in 1965 in Munich

  • 1985 - End of teaching as denteltecknition
  • 1990 - 1995 Supervisor for a big laboratory in Munich
  • 1996 - 2003 Start the collaboration with Drs. Bayer & Kistler
  • 2003 - Start with implant – dental focal point Implantologie
  • 2004 - DGOI member
  • 2006 - Speaker SKY meeting Mallorca
  • 2006 - Course instructor for sundry companies
  • 2008 - Speaker SKY meeting Rom
  • 2008 - Paper in the Paper Quintessenz Spannungsfreie Sofortversorgung im Pick up Verfahren
  • 2009 - Paper in the Quintessenz - Landsberger Brücke
  • 2009 - Paper in the Contiuning Dental Education- Eine ästhetische Einzelzahnversorgung
  • 2009 - Reference laboratory by the company Friadent
  • 2009 - Paper in Internationalen Zahntechnikermagazin – Implantatversorgung mit Industrielle gefrästen Steg
  • 2009 - Start as Course Instructor international
  • 2009 - Active member ProFor group Bredent
  • 2010 - Speaker Degudent Congress ich & Ich Frankfurt
  • 2010 - Posterpresentation for Friadent
  • 2010 - Paper in ZWZ CAD-CAM Stege - präziese und spannungsfrei
  • 2010 - Speaker Sky meeting Sharm el Sheikh
  • 2010 - Paper in Identity Präzission in der Zahntechnik
  • 2010 - Posterpresentation for Bredent congress
  • 2011 - Presentation on Dental Excellenc Congress Istanbul
  • 2011 - Paper in pip with CAD-CAM in implant prothetic
  • 2011 - Book of immediate restorations with a reduced number of implants
  • 2012 - Speaker on Bredent Sky meeting Munich
  • 2012 - Taipei speaker of new Concepts in Implant Prothetics
  • 2012 - Paper in dental dialogue Isus + 2
  • 2012 - posterpräsentation for SKY meeting first poster fast & fixed das navigation system second poster stress less bridge lateral secured
  • 2013 - Paper in Quintessenze – step by step - implantatprothetik
  • 2013 - Paper in Quintessenz Polymer Pressen v.s. Fräsen
  • 2013 - Paper Cosmetic dentistry Hochleistungskunststoffe
  • 2013 - Paper Dental-Trib China Bio HPP
  • 2013 - Ouintessenz international dental conference Singapore

Dr. Galina Ciobanu, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Galina Ciobanu

Chisinau, Rep. Moldova

Immediate implant placement and loading in the Pacients with a metabolic diseases.

Abstract: The studies confirm that extraction and immediate implant placement and loading in patients with metabolic disease like: diabetes, hyperthyroidism and heart attack represent a risk factor. In the experimental studies done through fast and fix method (extraction, implants and immediate loading) comparison was done with healthy population. The results obtained in patients with metabolic disease showed that there was not loss of implants even if was done the immediate loading and was noticed the healing of the soft tissue.
The has showed that the blood glucose level, hemoglobin and thyroid hormones where in control.

Patients with heart attack: the treatment before and after the surgery, following the system, achieved good results.

In patients with metabolic diseases it is observed immediate recovery of the conjunctive soft and hard tissue. Was found that fixed prosthesis and immediate implant loading would be a positive effect on micro-circulation and osseointegration.

Results: healthy population in comparison with the population with metabolic diseases after the follow-up was not found any differences.


  • September 2004 - Dentist in the field: conservative, prosthesis, Endo
  • 2003 - Title called “High serial. N.0015849” as medical Stomatologia, at Universitatii de Stat de Medicina Pharmacies “Nicolae Testimitanu” Chisinau (Rep. Moldova)
  • 2009 - Master IFZI GmbH, Prof. Dr. Lang, Germany
  • 2010 - Title called "Diploma de license Seria AL. No. 003913" postgraduate studies de Rezidentiat the specializarea surgery Stomatology issued by the Ministry of Health Della Republica Moldova
  • 2014 - Dottorato di Ricerca in Malattie Odontostomatologiche (25 ciclo). Sapienza Università di Roma
  • 2015 - Master in ortognatodonzia II livello. Università di Roma Tor Vergata
  • 2015 - Course: Concepts in Bone Grafting and Accelerated Implant Treatment: from Minimally Invasive Augumentation to Advanced Surgical Procedures with Autogenous Bone and soft Tissue Management. Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury, Olsberg. Germany
  • Argument in PhD at Universita Sapienza: Maxillary bone regeneration and different types of imune-histo-chemical tecniques

international publications :

  • European Journal of Inflammation. 2013. Dental implant sites in healthy versus diabetic subjects: 2 - years clinical and bacteriological assessment I.BIGNOZZI1, G. CIOBANU2, A. QUARANTA3, and G. POMPA2
  • J. Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2014 Apr-Jun; 28(2): 301-15.Biochemical assessment of growth factors and circulation of blood components contained in the different fractions obtained by centrifugation of venous blood. Corigiano M1, Ciobanu G2, Baldoni E3, Pompa G2
  • J. Europian Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences. 2015 Evaluation with Anti-RUNX, Anti-Alkaline Phosphatase, Anti-SPARC and Ki67 the mandibular bone regeneration. Histological and Immune-histo-chemical analysis. G.CIOBANU1, L.SAPTEFRATI2, M.CORIGIANO3, G. POMPA1 A.M.CIMPIAN4
  • Poster: Immediate Implant placement and immediate restoration. Scientific & Clinical Book. 2012 Koln. Germany
  • Poster: Bone regeneration. Scientific & Clinical Book 2014 Berlin, Germany
  • Poster: Evaluation maxillary bone in different treatment with RUNX2, AAP, SPARC, Ki67. 2015 Boston USA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Horia Octavian Manolea, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Horia Octavian Manolea, MD, PhD

Associate Professor at Department of Dental Materials, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Craiova, Romania

Evaluation of the Bredent materials osseointegration in small diameter bone cavities. An in vitro lab rats study.

Manolea H.1,a, Crăițoiu Monica 2,b, Ciucă E.3,c Fronie A.4,d, R. Rîcă 5,e, Obădan F. 6,f

Abstract: Bone graft substitute materials play an important role in oral rehabilitation and understanding the biological effects of these materials is important for an optimum use. Many bone graft substitutes have been approved for clinical use but this large variability make it hard to select a graft materials.
For this study we made three study groups, each of them consisting of six laboratory rats. On the calvaria and maxilla of this animal’s 3-mm diameter experimental cavities were carried out. For the first study group the cavities were augmented with the collagen fleece Alveoprotect, for the second group with the synthetic bone graft Ossceram nano, and in the third group the experimental cavities were left unaugmented. After a healing period of two or four months, samples were obtained from the rats bones and subjected to three examination methods: clinical and radiological examination, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and a histological study.
In our study, in all the examined samples we noticed a good overall biocompatibility of the studied materials with the lack of any specific signs of inflammation. The cavities augmented with the collagen fleece Alveoprotect showed a faster bone healing comparing to the unaugmented cavities, both in maxilla and calvaria, the calvaria cavities filled with Alveoprotect being completely filled with bone tissue after 4 months. The cavities augmented with the synthetic bone graft Ossceram nano showed a quick formation of new bone tissue in the form of bone bridges, but we also noticed the presence of residual grafted bone particles, even in a significantly lower number in the cavities observed after 4 months of healing.
Both studied materials proved a very good biocompatibility and provided faster bone healings. However, in the small bone defects it may be more advisable to use Alveoprotect in order to obtain a proper bone for implantation in a shorter period.

Biography: Horia Manolea is Associate Professor at Department of Dental Materials, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Craiova, Romania. He graduated the Faculty of Dentistry in 2001, holds a PhD in Medicine and a Master degree in implant supported prosthesis. Research interests include resin restorative materials research, implant supported prosthesis technologies, development of ceramic and metal-ceramic technology, dental and periodontal structures morphology study. His professional and scientific activity comprises: handbooks/textbooks (5), papers published in scientific journals (27); papers published in the proceedings of international or national conferences (85); participating in different international or national research projects, member of the scientific and organizing committee of different meetings.

Dr. Ionut Leahu, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Ionuț Leahu

Dental Clinics Dr. Leahu, Bucharest, Romania

Failing implants – from old to new in 24 hours with SKY fast & fixed

Abstract: As implants become more popular we see more and more failures. The patient that has multiple failing implants is more concerned about loosing their teeth than loosing their implants. The main challenge is to manage the bone loss and to place new implants in one surgery. Every patient that comes with teeth will always expect to receive new teeth as soon as possible. The presentation is based on a case of an elderly lady with 6 mandibular failing implants, rehabilitated with 4 sky implants using the fast & fixed protocol combined with bone grafting and plasma rich in growth factors all done in one stage.



  • 2003-2009 - UMF Carol Davila - Bucharest Faculty of Dentistry

Courses and trainings

  • 2009 - Admitted PhD Oral Implantology - UMF Carol Davila - Bucharest Faculty of Dentistry
  • April 2009 - Certificate of Attendance, Cranio-Maxillofacial International Course of Surgery, Timisoara, Romania
  • 2010 - Competence implantology - Prof. Dr. Ioan Sirbu - UMF Carol Davila
  • 2011 - Training course "SKY fast & fixed" Bredent Germany, October 2011 - PIZ Certificate Implantology Schöneck, Germany
  • July 2011 - Phantom Master's Certificate Course for Implant Surgery Training, Nurnberg, Germany
  • 2012 - GC opinion leaders Romania - Aesthetics direct and fiberglass over 30 courses held in the country
  • 2014 - Referee Bredent on immediate loading dental implants
  • 2014 - Course Jaws atrophy Anita Eduardo Institute

Dr. Nicu Iuga, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Nicu Iuga

Dental Clinic DENTCOMPLET, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Challenges in SKY fast & fix Therapy for young patients with aggressive parodontitis!

Abstract: Treatment of young patients with aggressive periodontitis is a challenge for any dentist. It is a big shock for these young patients with a more active social life to know that they will lose all teeth. In the face of these cases all doctors must be able to present to the patients a predictable treatment plan. In my opinion SKY fast & fix therapy is the best option for this patients, but of course if the clinical situation allows!

Biography: Graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine - University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iuliu Hatieganu in Cluj-Napoca, class of 2006.

  • Proficiency Oral Implantology
  • Hyaluronic acid injection Proficiency
  • October 2008 - New Methods in restorative dentistry conference, Cluj Napoca
  • June 2010 - Barcelona summit roots, Dr. Frederik Barnet, Barcelona, Spain
  • May 2011 - International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry, Bucharest
  • September 2011 - Implantology: Implants connected to nature, Timişoara
  • April 2012 - Biomaterials Used in dentistry, Cluj Napoca
  • 2011- 2012 - Competence in Oral Implantology, Iaşi
  • April 2012 - Implantology and bone augmentation, Sibiu
  • June 2012 -Techniques dental treatment and new materials to achieve successful results, Cluj Napoca
  • October 2013 - Implantology - Bredent Group Days: SKY fast & fix Forum, Paltinis
  • November 2013 - Course Equilibration, Craiova
  • March 2013 - International Dental Show, Cologne, Germany
  • September-November 2014 - dental occlusion, practical applications in dentistry, Cluj Napoca
  • February 2014 - Course Hyaluronic acid injection, Braşov
  • May 2014 - Advanced Course Implantology, Dr Paul Matto
  • June 2014 - Sky Bredent Meeting, Implantology, Berlin, Germany
  • March 2015 - International Dental Show, Cologne, Germany
  • June 2015 - "Augmentation Procedures Part I: bone harvesting Techniques, augmentation surgery and soft Tissues" Olsberg, Germany, Prof. Dr. F. Khoury

MDT Christoph Zips, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

MDT Christoph Zips


BioHPP - modern high-performance polymers as a new standard of innovative materials in the Implantat prosthetic


Biography: Born: 03 Sep 1966 in Mannheim/Germany

  • 1986 - 1990: education as dental technician in Heidelberg/Germany
  • 1990 - 1998: examination as master dental technician in Karlsruhe/Germany
  • 1999: foundation of own laboratory in Heidelberg
  • 2006: certification as special implant prosthetic laboratory IZI Limburg
  • Since 2007: lecturer for implant prosthetics
  • Since 2012: technical course trainer for Bredent national/international, focus on implant prosthetics, new materials

Dr. Dragoș Calangiu, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Dragoș Calangiu

DENT ESTET Clinic, Bucharest, Romania

Think out of the box! Decisions in placing tilted implants

Abstract: The presentation is based on the concept of implants placed angled prosthetic reduced from a full arcade as happens in the SKY fast & fixed treatment, the prosthesis neighborhood segmentation using bone tender.
The concept leads to efficient prosthetic implant therapy by reducing the existence toothless, duration of surgery by avoiding costs related proceedings and therefore the intervention as a whole.

Biography: The presentation is based on the concept of implants placed angled prosthetic reduced from a full arcade as happens in the SKY fast & fixed treatment, the prosthesis neighborhood segmentation using bone tender.
The concept leads to efficient prosthetic implant therapy by reducing the existence toothless, duration of surgery by avoiding costs related proceedings and therefore the intervention as a whole.

  • Current approaches in implant-prosthetic rehabilitation, Iasi, in October 2010
  • Joint Conference of Dentistry SRS-GAO, Bucharest, May 2010
  • Success versus failure in oral implantology and dental practice Bucharest, October 2010
  • Classic and modern dentistry, Cluj, in October 2009
  • Immediate molar implant placement and grafting crestal sinus Sleeve Technique course Institute, Bucharest, May 2009
  • Expertise Symposium, Brasov, November 2008
  • Hands-on course Sky Implant System by Bredent Senden, Germany, June 2007
  • Intensive seminar Zahnarztliche fur Implantology, Nurnberg, Germany, June 2007
  • Bone regeneration of soft tissues, Bucharest, in September 2007
  • Esthetic restorations in the anterior and posterior Bucharest in September 2006
  • Modern Prosthodontics from the cement grinding, Bucharest, in February 2006

Dr. Bogdan Matusoiu, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Bogdan Mătușoiu

Academica Medical Center, Bucharest, Romania

5 years of SKY fast & fixed: Creativity within a perfect protocol

Abstract: After 5 years of experience with the bredent SKY fast & fixed System, we realize that a brilliantly designed protocol allows the user to be creative, according to the clinical case. This presentation illustrates few of the many surgical options in order to maximize the use of native bone.

Biography: 1992-1998 Faculty of Dentistry, license examination "University of Medicine and Pharmacy Dr. Carol Davila"
2001 - 2002 training courses in Implantology; "University of Medicine and Pharmacy Dr. Carol Davila"

Training courses:

  • I.R.C.O.I - XVIII World Congress
  • FDI - International Congress - modern oral implantology
  • Lectures and hands-on training (Companies Implant)
  • AlphaBio - Israel Adin - Israel, Bicon USA, Nobel Biocare - Sweden Megagen - Corea, Implantium - Corea, Bredent - Germany
  • Bone Ring Tehnique- (Dr. Giesenhagen)
  • Periodontology and Implantology - Prof. Dr. Paul Matto
  • Advaced PRF - Joseph CHOUKROUN
  • Box Technique - A. Menon (senior tutor boxing Technique)
  • International Congress of Academy of prosthodontics - Bern Switzerland
  • ITI Study Club Bern – Dr. Urban Isvan
  • Watch the Experts - Department of Oral Surgery and Stomatology ZMK Bern

Dr. Rzvan Cirligeanu, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

Dr. Răzvan Cîrligeanu

Academica Medical Center, Bucharest, Romania

5 years of SKY fast & fixed: Creativity within a perfect protocol

Abstract: After 5 years of experience with the bredent SKY fast & fixed System, we realize that a brilliantly designed protocol allows the user to be creative, according to the clinical case. This presentation illustrates few of the many surgical options in order to maximize the use of native bone.

Biography: Born on the 4th of April 1972

  • 1998 - He graduated the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" - Faculty of Dentistry
  • 2001 - Became specialist in General Dentistry (post graduate studies, UMF "Carol Davila", Bucharest)
  • 2003 - Started his own private clinic
  • 2010 - present - Collaborator to various clinics, especially practices dedicated to dental tourism
  • 2010 - 2013 - Member of Dental Management Romania

Other trainings:

  • 2010 - Joint Conference of Dentistry - SRS-GAO, Bucharest
  • 2010 - Oral implantology - Success vs Failure, Bucharest
  • July 2011 - February 2012 - Dental Prosthetics Curricula - From Esthetics to Functional Occlusion  (led by Dr Smaranda Buduru)
  • 2011 - Intensive training on the SKY fast & fixed concept using the SKY dental implant system
  • 2012 - All ceramic restoration and their role in optimized esthetics - Mauro Fradeani

Numerous other trainings and congresses starting 1998 up to present

DT Andrea Foschi, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

DT Andrea Foschi

Laboratorio Unilab, Italy

C.G.S. protocol - A new frontiers in aesthetics composite

Abstract: C.G.S. The importance of a protocol for aesthetics results in a simple and predictable way

Biography: Andrea Foschi was born in Ravenna on 03/26/1976.
In 1997 he graduated as dental technician in Bologna, Italy. One year later he became owner of a dental laboratory, developing a passion for metallurgy attending courses in Weiland and Ivoclar Vivodent. He began training in aesthetic by participating in the master course in aesthetics of Michel Magne and Willy Geller.
His passion for photography grows and it starts to join advanced courses about it.
In 2004 directs his interest to metal-free material, including zirconium and disilicate, and in 2005 he perceives the importance of gnathology oriented philosophy of Prof. R. Slavicek: this led him to take courses in basic and advanced gnathology arranged by Dr. Prof. Giuseppe Cuman,and the course of modeling with Claudio Nannini, method that still applies in the daily. At the same time, he takes part in other courses with internationally renowned speakers such as Gérald Ubassy and Roberto Bonfiglioli.
In 2010 he specializes himself in the use of composite resin; afterwards, he created a methodology for characterization and stratification of the composite to obtain predictable results knows as the "C.G.S." protocol, and then he starting a collaboration with Bredent, becoming a speaker.
He is also author of many articles on several authoritative international magazines.
To this day, he still collaborates with various companies in the sector as a researcher and speaker.

DT Vasile Bacila, Speaker at 1st bredent group days South-East Europe | 3nd SKY fast & fixed Forum | 5-7 November 2015, Bucharest

DT Vasile Băcilă


Retention of implant supported bridges by occlusal and lateral screws

Abstract:The implant prosthetics has now come to the moment when the materials and all the prosthetic parts of an implant system are giving us the possibility to obtain a very precise work, an aesthetic outcome, and longtime resistant appearance of the bridge, and these are not the only benefits that can be reached.
Is it something more we could do? Surely yes! A fixed but in the same time retrievable bridge can give many options. No matter if you speak about repairing a small damage or inspecting the implant, the tightness of the screws or to clean the bridge, in all these situations it is ideal to have the possibility to remove the prosthetic work.
This lecture is about how to use the screws to make a fixed bridge removable. When the occlusal screwing works and when can be inappropriate. Which are the systems of lateral screws and which their characteristics are. Where and how can be one or another from these systems used.
The answers for these questions and few clinical cases resolved with screw retained bridges included in the lecture can be a start to explore the field of screw retained implant supported bridges.



  • Sanitary High School 1984 graduate of Sibiu, Department of Dental Technology
  • Health Graduate School Graduated 1992 Slatina, equivalence classes

Professional experience:

  • 2011 - present: Dental technician-consultant to bredent medical Romania
  • 2001 - present: L.T.D. John Vasile Băcilă -titular, dental technician
  • 1996-2000: SC Obviously S.R.L - associated dental technician
  • 1984-2000: Hospital Olt County, Slatina - dental technician


  • 1993 - Course easily fusible metal casting
  • 2002 - Course singled stratification, internal and external makeup -VITA Omega 900
  • 2004 - Course special systems maintenance "Ancorvis" for skeletal prosthesis
  • 2005 - Course prosthesis implant technique BICON
  • 2006 -  Course of color theory and esthetic layering material
  • 2010 - Course casting alloys and casting one piece after bredent method, system Sabath
  • Course prosthetic implant systems "bar" and consolidation bredent screw in implantology
  • Lecture by prosthetic restorations SKY fast & fixed therapeutic concepts and miniSKY
  • Course immediate restoration of edentulous patients total by SKY fast & fixed concept
  • 2013 - Advanced course for experienced system consultant for2press & visio.lign on implants, precision casing and thermopress.
  • Course Trainers
  • 2014 - Veneers on platinum foil
  • Digital Photo and smile design dentistry
  • 2015 - International bredent System Consultant Training

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